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Over 30 years. One group of women. Over $2.2 million raised.

Meet Austen!

After several months of unexplainable symptoms, trips to ER and misdiagnoses, Austen was diagnosed with embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare solid tumor cancer, in October 2017. The cancer was located in her uterus so at age 5, she underwent a hysterectomy to remove the tumor and any other cancerous tissue. Due to the aggressive nature of the disease and its tendency to spread microscopically, she then had 24 weekly sessions of chemotherapy. Luckily, since the tumor was completely removed via surgery, she did not need radiation, as the majority with this disease do.

In May 2018, she finished her treatments and was declared to have no evidence of disease. She will undergo regular MRIs, CT scans and internal exams for the next five years until she is considered to be in remission. Austen tolerated treatments extremely well. She lost her hair and experienced fatigue and nausea, but she did not require extended hospitalization and was still able to attend school throughout most of her protocol. The drugs used in her chemotherapy treatments are the same ones that have been used for the last 40 years and they all carry the risk of many short- and long-term side effects. She will continue to be monitored for any of those effects for the rest of her life.

She entered kindergarten in August 2018 with a light covering of soft hair and cancer-free. She is currently surviving and thriving.


Get ready for Care Affair 2019 and help us raise money for the CURE Foundation!

Atlanta Athletic Club
1930 Bobby Jones Drive
Johns Creek, GA 30097

May 4, 2019

Live Auction
Lucky Libations - Wine and Bourbon Pull
Bubbles and Baubles

Kentucky Derby Attire

DJ Savant

Donna Glenn
In honor of Luke Watson Gidden

Official Event Photographer:
Shannon Parker Greene

Liana Brackett, Mrs. Georgia America 2018 & on-camera Meteorologist at The Weather Channel

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For more information, please contact
   Melissa Woolum or Stephanie Muzi
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